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The Income Tax Department of India has a website, that is , for taxpayers to let them easily file their Income Tax Return. Taxpayers often find this website very helpful in term of efiling income tax online.

What Will You Learn ?

How To Register on ? 

How  To  View and Download Form 26AS ?

What Are The Ways of eFiling of Income Tax Return ?

How to Choose The right Form to file Taxes Electronically ?

What Are The Documents Required For eFiling Income Tax Return ?

What Are Income Tax Slab Rates ?

How To e-File Income Tax Return online ?

Is Aadhaar mandatory for e-filing of Income Tax Return ?

Is it mandatory to file Income tax returns/forms electronically?

But to e-file income tax return (ITR), taxpayer need to register on the website. We have provided guide to file return. Let’s move ahead.

How To Register & File Return on the Income Tax Website ?

You just need to follow steps as it is. Let’s begin.

Step 1 : Go to the ‘e-Filing’ Portal

Step 2 : Click on the ” Register Yourself ” on the top right corner.

Step 3 : In Registration Form, You will need to select Individual as user type and click on the ” ” Continue ” button.

Step 4 : Now You need to enter basic details like PAN, Surname, Residential Status and Date of birth. After entering following details, click on the ” continue ” button.

Note : Your PAN will be your user ID on for filing IT.

Step 5 : Window will be displayed asking you to setup passwords and security questions in case you forget your password. You will need to fill up contact details including Email ID & mobile number and your current address including Permanent Address. After that, click on the ” Submit ” button.

Step 6 : After submission of registration form, you will receive OTP that is shared by on your mobile number. The Income Tax (IT) Department also send an email to your email ID through.

Step 7 : You will have to enter the correct one time password to complete the registration process. You can either activate your account by following email you received from IT Department Website or by entering OTP directly from your mobile number.

Step 8 : Your registration process will be successfully completed just after submitting OTP.

Step 9 : Now you can use your account for efiling income tax return.

How  To  View and Download Tax Credit Statement ( Form 26AS )

Form 26AS or the Tax Credit Statement is complete details of tax deducted on behalf of you by deductor. It also contain information of tax deducated by deductors and tax collected by collectors at sources on your behalf.

You can view your Form 26AS to know the TDS deducted and submitted on your behalf by different deductors and collectors.

Follow steps to view or download the Tax Credit Statement :

Step 1 : Visit to the ‘e-Filing’ Portal

Step 2 : Go to the ‘My Account‘ menu on the upper-left side of the page

Step 3 : Click on the ” View Form 26 AS (Tax Credit) ” , User is redirected to TDS-CPC Portal

Step 4 : You will be redirected to TDS-CPC Portal. You will need to click on ” View Tax Credit ( Form 26AS ) ” .

Step 5 :  After that you will have to select the ‘Assessment Year’ and ‘View type’ (HTML, Text or PDF)

Step 6 : Click on the ” View & Download ” button.

What Are The Ways of e-Filing ?

You can file ITR with DSC and without DSC. DSC Stands for Digital Signature Certificate that is mandatory to file Income Tax Form ( IT Form ) using DSC by a chartered accountant.

If you want to e-file Income Tax without DSC then you will be to generate ITR-V Form which then be printed, signed and submitted to Centralized Processing Centre ( CPC ) , Bangalore by speed post within 120 days from the date of e-filing.

You can also file IT return by an E-return Intermediary with or without Digital Signature Certificate.

How to Choose The Right Form To File ITR electronically ?

It is not easy for beginners and for those who are going to file their IT return for the first time so they often get confused about IT Form. There are different categories of ITR Form which you can check below and find which ITR Form best suits you.

ITR 1Individuals with income from salary
ITR 2Individuals who does not has income from business
ITR 3Individuals/HUFs who is not carrying out business under any proprietorship
ITR 4Individuals and HUF is having income from a proprietary business.
ITR 5Individuals/HUF who is having income from presumptive business
ITR 6Income From Firm & LLP
ITR 7Companies
ITR 8Persons & companies are required to file return under section 139(4A) or section 139(4B) or section 139(4C) or section 139(4D)&

What Are The Documents Required For e-Filing Income Tax Return ?

It is always good to stay a step ahead, especially when it comes to tax filing. The checklist provided below will help you to get started with the e-filing of tax returns.

Basic Details1. Bank account details

2. PAN Number
Reporting Salary Income1. Rent receipts for claiming HRA

2. Form 16

3. Pay slips
Reporting House Property income1. Address of the house property

2. Certificate for home loan interest

3. Name of the tenant and the rental income, in case the property is rented.
Reporting capital gainsStock trading statement is required along with purchase details if there are capital gains from selling the shares

It is necessary to keep documents ready before filing ITR Form so that you will not get into last minute rush. So knowing what documents are needed for filing IT Form can help you at end. We have shared list of documents that is required for filing ITR.

What Are Income Tax Slab Rates ?

Income Tax Slab ( Less Than 60 Age )Tax Rates
Up to Rs.2,50,000Nil
Above Rs.2,50,000 and up to Rs.5,00,0005%
Above Rs.5,00,000 and up to Rs.10,00,00010%
Above Rs.10,00,00030%
Income Tax Slab ( Age between 60-80 )Tax Rates
Up to Rs.3,00,000Nil
Above Rs.3,00,000 and up to Rs.5,00,0005%
Above Rs.5,00,000 and up to Rs.10,00,00020%
Above Rs.10,00,00030%
Income Tax Slab ( For Age above 80 )Tax Rates
Up to Rs.5,00,000Nil
Above Rs.5,00,000 and up to Rs.10,00,00020%
Above Rs.10,00,00030%

How To e-File Income Tax Return online ?

There is myth that filing income tax return online is not easy but after following guide we have shared below. You will be able to file ITR Form online yourself without help of anyone.

Log on to

Your PAN will be your user ID.

View your Form 26AS or Tax Credit Statement

Click on the income tax return forms and select the financial year.

After that, download the ITR form that suits you the best. ( if your exempt income is more than Rs.5,000, then you need to fill ITR-2 Form.)

Open Excel Software and fill out the form by entering all required details by using Form 16.

Click on the ‘calculate tax’ option to know the tax amount.

Pay tax, if applicable , and enter your challan details.

Click on the ‘validate’ button to confirm all the details provided above.

Generate an XML file and save it on your computer.

On the , upload saved ” XML file ” to ” upload return ” option.

A Pop-up window will be displayed asking you to sign the file digitally. If you have a digital signature then select ‘Yes”. But , If you do not have digital signature then select ‘ No ‘.

The acknowledgment form, ITR Verification (ITR-V) will be generated that is to be downloaded by you.

ITR Verification (ITR-V) will be generated that need be downloaded, printed and signed by you using blue ink.

Once you sign ITR-V, you need to send it by speed post or ordinary post to the IT Department Post Bag No. 1 , Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore, 560 100, Karnataka. It should reach department within 120 days of filing return.

1. Is Aadhaar mandatory for e-filing Income Tax Return ?

Aadhaar card is now made mandatory for filing your income tax return. Recently, Government has made it compulsory for taxpayers to link their PAN to Aadhaar. You can link your Aadhaar Card with your e-Filing Income Tax Account by going to the .

Check More FAQ Here : Do You Have More Question ? 

2. Is it mandatory to file Income tax returns/forms electronically?

Yes. e-Filing of Returns/Forms is mandatory for Individual whose account are required to be audited under section 44AB and for company, the return is required to be e-Filed under digital signature (DSC). Read in detail here

If you have more question regarding ” Income Tax efiling ” which you want to ask then let us know below. We will update that as well soon.

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