How to Get Your UAN Number ? ( Get Our Help )

UAN Number is also known as Universal Account Number is given to every employees on very first in company. If you are an employee who are working in any registered company in India and want to Get UAN Number then you are on right place where we have shared guide to know UAN Account Number.

To generate UAN Number, you will need to register yourself on Unified Member Portal. Where you will need to create your UAN Account and give correct details about you so that you can use your UAN Account to check EPF Balance, Transfer money from EPF Account and View passbook.

We do not think if we need to tell you about EPF Account and PF Balance checking because it is very common things which every working individual must/should know so we are not sharing What is PF account.

So we are coming back to topic ” How to Get UAN Number ” and sharing steps to know UAN Number. Just follow below give steps to generate UAN Account Number.

How To Get UAN Number Online ?

You might have seen that there are many like you who do not know their UAN Number and also never created UAN Account for themselves so that they can check their PF Balance but thing here is most of them did not about EPF Money so they did not ever think of generating UAN Acount Number.

But sooner or later, you are going to get your UAN Number. You can create your UAN Account by going to Unified Member Portal but this seems to be little complicated for those who do not have much knowledge of using Internet. So start with very easiest way to complicated way to know your UAN Number.

How To Get UAN Details From Your Employer ?

This is one of most easiest way to find your UAN Number by asking to Employers that is company’s Boss and superior who can tell you about your EPF Account Number. UAN Number is assigned to every individual employees who join company for saving little amount of money from salary of Employees toward Provident fund which employees can withdrawal any time.

So when you join any company you are given an UAN Number which is already linked with EPF Account. Company create UAN Account and link with PF account for employees because it make easy for company to keep record of salary given to employees every month.

You can get UAN Account Number by heading to Unified Member Portal where you need to enter few details to know your UAN Number. You will need following information to generate your UAN Account.

PF Number – You can get EPF Number from your salary slip.

Date of birth – As in the PF Records.

Name- As in the PF records.

Mobile number – You should have registered mobile number.

How To Check UAN Activation Status ?

If you know your UAN Number and have above information with you then you can easily check UAN Activation Status. You can follow below given steps to get UAN Account Number.

Step 1 : Go to UAN Portal to Know UAN Number.

Step 2 : Then click on ” Know your UAN Status ” .

Step 3 : On next page, You will need to enter details like your Mobile Number, Date of Birth, PAN Number and Aadhar Number to get authorized pin.

Step 4 : Enter PIN received on mobile number.

Step 5 : After that check ” I Agree ” and then click on ” Submit ” button.

Step 6 : On Next tab, you can check UAN Account in green color.

How To Generate UAN Account Number ?

If you got your UAN Number then it is good but if you did not get your UAN Account then you should confirm if if you have registered for it or not.

If not then you can generate UAN number by registering yourself on EPFO Unified Member Portal. To create UAN Account you should have EPF number which you can get from salary slip. If you are confused about what we are talking about then follow/do it step by step given below.

Step 1 : Visit Official EPFO Portal.

Step 2 : Click on ” Establishment registration ” .

Step 3 : Fill up ” Employer Registration ” Form. ( That is company )

Step 4 : Enter captcha.

Step 5 : Check ” Declaration ” and click on ” Register ” Button.

Step 6 : After that, you have successfully registered for Employers UAN Number.

How to Activate UAN Account using PAN and Aadhar Number?

If you are Employees then you can skip third steps because that is for company to register for UAN so that they can provide UAN Number to their employees.

So if you have generated UAN Number then you can activated. Now question is how will you activate UAN Account then just follow below steps. You will have to provide your PAN and Aadhar Number for UAN Activation.

Step 1 : Visit UAN Portal.

Step 2 : Click on ” UAN Activate ” .

Step 3 : Enter asked details in relavent fields.

Step 4 : Provide correct PAN and Aadhar Number.

Step 5 : Click on ” Get Authorization PIN ” that will be sent on registered mobile number.

Step 6 : After that you will Activated UAN details on mobile number which you can use for PF Balance enquiry.

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There are some more steps to get UAN Account Number but we found this most easiest so shared only working steps to know your UAN Number.

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