EPF Balance : Most Easiest Way to Check PF Balance

We know what are you searching for is EPF Balance enquiry. There are many people like you who are not aware of checking EPF Balance Online. So , we bought to you complete guide to check PF Balance with UAN Number.

There may be some who do not know about EPF Account Balance even when they have PF Account created for them when they joined any company.

So we are starting with EPF Balance, What is it ?

It is amount of money being deducted from employees salary every month as Provident fund which they can windrawal whenever they retire.

When any individual join company, then company create an UAN Account for them in which small amount from salary is saved as PF for them.

Check EPF Balance Online

Just Like people are not aware of PF Money, We often saw many employees who do not even know How to Check EPF Balance in Their PF Account. So today, we are going to share very easiest way to check EPF Balance Using UAN Number.

You may get confused when will you trying to make EPF Balance enquiry so just follow mentioned steps from below which is made very easy for you people so that you can easily learn to know your EPF Balance. Let’s follow steps.

How to Check EPF Balance Online

How to Check EPF Balance Via UAN

How to Check EPF Balance Via SMS or Missed Call

How to Check EPF Balance Via Mobile App

You may find some more guide on Internet saying that they have got 5 way to check EPF Balance but there is only 4 way which you can follow for checking PF Balance Online.

How to Check EPF Balance Online ?

Checking EPF Balance Online is one of mostly used way to know PF Balance online. We have even checked EPF Balance of our Team members. So that we can be sure about steps which are sharing with you.

Step 1 : Open EPFO Official Website  .

Step 2 : Click on ” e-Passbook ” below ECR/Return/Payment.

Step3 : Window will be displayed showing UAN ID and Password field in which you have to enter your ID and Password to login to your EPF Account for balance enquiry.

Step 4 : After login into your EPF account then you will be redirected on page having your member linked with your UAN Account and passbook view option clicking on which will display PF Balance.

How to Check EPF Balance Via UAN ?

That is very complicated step which most of you may or may not understand so we are trying to make it so easy that you will understand it.

But before that, you should know your UAN Number. We assume that you know your UAN Number which can easily be found on your salary slip. We are talking about UAN because you will need it for checking EPF balance.

If you do not know your UAN Number then you can ask to your employer for it because it is very easiest way to get UAN which you are registered for when you join any company and does not change even if you change your job.

Steps to EPF Balance checking via UAN

Step 1 : Visit to UAN Official Website.

Step 2 : Enter your UAN Number & Password.

Step 3 : You wil receive EPF Balance details on registered mobile number.

Step 4 : That is it.

How to Check EPF Balance Via SMS or Missed Call ?

We found this steps most easiest of all to make EPF balance enquiry by SMS and Missed Call.

This way is easy for those who do not have access to Internet and also do not have much knowledge of same to check EPF Balance. So EPFO has launched SMS and missed call service for those employees who can not check their PF balance online.

But If you have not done KYC of your EPF Account then you can not use this way for checking PF balance but if you have registered mobile number and already linked Aadhar/Pan number then you can make EPF Balance enquiry easily.

If your mobile number registered and PAN/Aadhar Number is linked with UAN/EPF Account then you only need to give missed call to 011-22901406 and you will receive an SMS with PF number, age and name.

How to Check EPF Balance Via Mobile App ?

EPFO also has Mobile Application for checking PF balance and viewing passbook on Android phones. You can download EPF Mobile App from EPFO Portal because EPFO App is not availble on Google Play Store.

Step 1 : Open the PF mobile app in your phone and click member.

Step 2 : Click on ” balance/passbook ” and then enter your UAN number and password.

Step 3 : Click on Login to see your updated EPF balance.

Step 4 : You can also check EPF Statements.

We are done and tried to make each steps easy to understand for you but still if you are getting confused about EPF Balance Enquiry then let us know.

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